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Real Estate Website Creator

Thanks to 1clic.IMMO technology, we are able to create a customized real estate website to present yourself and enhance visibility on your properties.

Boost Your Digital Presence 

Our objective is to maximize the start of your real estate project, and explore the full power of the web to optimize you e-visibility. Creating a 1clic.IMMO is a way to optimize your natural Search Engine positioning (SEO), thanks to an enhanced architecture and a social media linked website.   

The Best Technology 
With an adaptive and responsive design, 1clic.IMMO is compatible with all devices (smartphone, tablet and computer). Keep in touch with all your clients on a 2.0 basis through your blog, and boost the number of visits with the help of social media. Users will be able to share your articles directly.  

Make Your Life Easier And Save Time
No special skills are necessary to create your website with 1clic.IMMO. Everything is conceived in order to be easily used by anyone: Admin, Settings and full customization of your templates can be done online on your space, in a completely autonomous manner. 

Preview here:

Template 1

Template 2

Template 3

Team Template

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1Clic blog and testimonials

An easy and efficient way to create your real estate website + blog and testimonials.
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Enhance your website's SEO with a fully customized blog.
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Domain name

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We take care of everything : verification of availability, purchase, setup and hosting for one (1) year.
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